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We are excited to announce that Fall for Fashion will be returning for a fourteenth year on Thursday, September the 9th! This year’s theme is “My Winnipeg Includes Everyone”.

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Fall for Fashion celebrates the works of local fashion retailers worn by local models and supports family restaurants during a 30-minute virtual experience designed to meet COVID19 health guidelines. The event showcases young adults with intellectual disabilities side-by-side with professional models wearing the latest fall trends. Promotions for the event culminate with curbside meal pick-up and the world premiere of the Fall for Fashion 2021 video on Thursday, September 9, 2021.

Daphne Wilcox models for Inclusion Winnipeg because “she wants to give back to the community.” Please join Daphne for this year’s program and support Inclusion Winnipeg’s mission to enhance the lives of children and adults, support families, and to advance Human Rights and inclusion in the community.

Our goal this year is to increase participation in the event, and to raise awareness and funds for Inclusion Winnipeg.

“My Winnipeg Includes Everyone” is an Inclusion Winnipeg communications campaign. The premise of the slogan is that Winnipeg includes children and adults with intellectual disabilities in all aspects of life, for example, “my workplace includes everyone”, “my school includes everyone”, “my team includes everyone”, “my class includes everyone”, “my book club includes everyone”, and, in the case of Fall for Fashion, “my catwalk includes everyone”.


We know that in the current economic climate, sponsorship is not a foregone conclusion, so we have structured the sponsorship package to provide a wide range of options with sponsorship opportunities ranging from $500 to $4,000.

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